​​​​Current workshops being offered:

All workshops are 1 hour for 4 consecutive weeks. Currently all workshops are online through zoom. The cost for all workshops are 250.00 per person for the 4 week session. Please fill out a workshop form (found on the forms page) and email it to me. Please be sure to pay for your workshop before the first meeting, using the pay now button on my website.  Feel free to email me with any questions regarding workshops. If you would like to sign up for a workshops but the times don't work, let me know I will try to create one at a time that works for you. 

These groups are great for friends, coworkers, book clubs, mom groups, etc who are all interested in working on the same issues. Please email me directly if you have a group that would like to work together. 

​​​​​Sue MacDermott, MA LCMHC

​Therapy for Adult Individuals, Couples, and Families

Successfully Managing Divorce

This workshop is for both men and women who are at any stage of the divorce process. This workshop focuses on navigating the divorce process without overwhelming yourself. We look at topics including; positive ways to communicate and reduce conflict, where to live, when to move out, how to talk to kids and family, coparenting vs parallel parenting, writing a parenting plan, and moving on. 

Positive Parenting

A workshop for parents looking to build better parenting skills. This workshop discusses the importance of communication and firm, fair and predictable boundaries. We will examine how our own family of origin effects our parenting style. We will identify the role of choirs, allowance, and punishment. As well as the balance between motivating kids and creating anxious kids. With a focus on the overall goal of parenting, to create healthy, well adjusted, loved adults. 

Female Empowerment

This popular workshop helps women build a solid foundation for creating happiness within themselves and in their relationship with others. Topics include changing our internal dialogue, building boundaries, saying no while still believing we are nice, identifying positive and negative coping skills and the correlation between the two. Creating more positive ways to cope without having to find more time in our day. Changing our dialogue from "have to "to "want to." Recognizing the difference between self care and selfish. This workshop is a great foundation or refresher.